Cabot's P-Code Pascal
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3-9-01 UPDATE: Cabot Software no longer supports P-Code Pascal

Cabot's P-Code Pascal


  1. At A Glance
  2. The Company
  3. Pascal
  4. What is P-Code
  5. Platforms
  6. The Power System
  7. Digital TV
  8. Just in Time Compilation

At A Glance

The Company

Cabot Software is an international company specializing in the distribution, development and support of software products. Cabot holds the sole worldwide license for p-code technology from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) which originally developed the technology in the late 1970s. Subsequently, P-Code has become an industry standard, spreading to countless platforms and incorporating modern developments and new languages. Our clients include Shell, Hitachi, IBM, Motorola, Gerber Optical, Tarmac, The European Space Agency and many more.


One of our principal languages is Object Pascal. This is a fast, optimising compiler producing p-code executables which is 95% compatible with Borland Pascal. Some of the advanced features include multi-tasking processes, relocatable segments (which means that an application can be split into many segments which are free to move around memory or be discarded when not required) and object oriented technology.

What Is P-Code?

P-Code is a 'virtual' machine code. A small run-time engine resides on each of our supported platforms which executes p-code applications. This means that the same p-code application can run on any platforms with a virtual machine. P-Code applications are very compact: they are typically half the size of native code applications.


Amongst the platforms we currently support are Windows, MS DOS, Macintosh, OS/2, RS/6000, Power PC, ARM, SCO and Interactive UNIX, Linux, DEC VAX, AIX, Hitachi SH.

The Power System

The Power System is the standard development environment for computing applications. It features a fully equipped integrated development environment (IDE), source level debugger, syntax highlighting editor, monitor scripts, etc.. The Power System has a standard interface across different platforms. As well as Object Pascal, other programming languages are supported including ANSI C, Modula 2, FORTRAN 77 and assemblers.

Digital TV

Recently, Cabot has developed Hypermedia P-Code for the emerging Digital TV and related markets. Based on the 32 bit p-code technology, examples of Hypermedia P-Code applications include near video on demand, electronic programme guides, teleshopping and games. These applications can be downloaded from cable, terrestrial and satellite feeds into digital Set Top Boxes, where they run with TV video and audio content.

'Just In Time' Compilation

Cabot's tools also feature re-compilation of p-code applications into native code for different processors. Specific procedures can be flagged for native code compilation so that the optimal mix of performance and code size can be achieved.

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